This is the best pathway to skyrocket your therapy practice with
one-on-one coaching with Richard

One-on-One Coaching So You Can build the right website, & create the right message for the right audience, and shortcut your learning curve to skyrocket your financial success.

One-on-one coaching and with expert therapists and business mentor Dr. Richard Nongard, so that you can cut your learning curve and go right to the top and reach your goals.
Define your avatar and write marketing messages that make potential clients want to work with you so that your success is made easy.
Overcome your own money blocks and fear of success so that you can move forward with unstopable confidence in your area of expertise.
Discover the opportunity being a therapist was meant to bring when you undertook at that training. The result? Loving your work and feelings of hope!

This is your opportunity to get ahead quickly and with the real support of a bona fide expert in both the clinical aspects of therapy and the business side of being a professional helper.

Coaching Goals

I will work one-on-one with you to help you craft your market, your message, and your offer so that you separate yourself and your services from everyone else out there who just offers therapy. This puts in your hand everything you need to finally market your services with success.

Technical Success

Learning great ideas is one thing, but having the technical skills or the resources to find technical answers are what holds most people back. I solve this problem so you can build an online
referral machine!

Personal Support

For many therapists breaking the mold and moving to next -level success is strange. Often we bring our own mind-blocks to the process. I will help you create laser focus on the real tasks of restructuring your business so that you can exceed your preconceived limits for creating financial security.

Exclusive training and coaching with Dr. Richard Nongard

Dr. Richard Nongard is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and a Certified Professional Hypnotist with 30+ years of experience. His books have been bestsellers in counseling leadership, and hypnosis categories, and his continuing education company was one of the first companies to move online in 1999.

He is an expert web development designer, who has build numerous websites for other professionals, and he is an expert in digital marketing. In addition to his clinical training he is completing his MBA in Business Marketing in July of 2022. 

This your chance to work one-on-one with a recognized thought leader so that your service offerings, program packages, and marketing efforts are on point and yield big results. 

"Let me help you cut the learning curve in both the technology and the marketing side, so you can focus on helping the people you work best with!"

Dr. Richard Nongard


Decide Which Solutions is Best For You and Begin Immediately!

By choosing any of the options below you will be given access to my onboarding center. This will get you started immediately by providing resources as well as collecting some background information so that we head into the right direction. You will also be able to schedule your first meeting with me in our onboarding center. I am looking forward to working with you and showing you the solutions I have discovered and that I have shared with others.

Pay as you grow

Bronze package

Three meetings the first month, two the in each successive month.
24/7 Access to all STN course resources and online training. 
Focused on goal achievement, tasks to get there, and tools for implementing your strategy.
Weekly email support and personalized recommendations.



Package available for a limited time 

Best Value

Do it with you

We build your website (up to 15 pages) with pro tools, digital products, lead generators, and a digital store and get you up and running in 21 days.
Everything in the Bronze Package.
Website content creation and marketing messages.
DIY tutorials, so you can make your own changes and add content.
The best way to get your website built, but also understand how it works, and how to use it effectively.



Package available for a limited time 

do it all for you

Turnkey web development for site with services, products, and membership modules.
Automation of products, services, and offerings.
Complete packages for managing the business side of your practice leaving you to just do the client sessions.

Please schedule a time to visit on Zoom to get going with
this option.


Package available for a limited time 

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