I help therapists Make More Money,
so they can create financial security, pay off debt, and retire well.

...What would an extra $2000 a month do for your future plans?

In this exclusive live web class, you'll discover the simple formula we've used to launch and grow our 7-figure landing page business from scratch, in under 12 months!

Make More Money

Most therapists trade an hour of time for dollars. This is a losing business model. Learn the alternatives.

Expert Positioning

Experts make more money than generalists. They are also happier and see the clients they do best with. Learn how to create a niche.

Financial Security

Learn how to avoid tax problems so many private practitioners fall into, and how to build a practice that prepares you for retirement.

Actionable Strategies

Every strategy I teach is based on my own real world success, and the principles of business they never taught to you in therapy school. I went back to school after earning my doctorate to earn my M.B.A. in Business Marketing (July 2022 graduation date) so that I could teach proven strategies for effective practice building.

Learn Passive Income Strategies

How to create products and structure services so that you leverage the power of technology to pay you in your sleep.

Practice The Way You Want To!

How to move you practice online either full-time or part-time. Learn how to work with your ideal client, and create clinical success that builds referrals. 

Develop Your Business Plan

A business without a plan, is a business that is planning to fail. Being in private practice is being in business. You need a plan. I want to help you develop the best plan.

Stop Struggling to Repay Student Loans and Working For The Short End of the Stick.

The number one cause of therapist burnout is not difficult cases. It is horrible working conditions, pressure from third party payors, and low reward to conisderable investment in education and supervision. But there is a solution. There is a pathway to success. I can show you how to discover the path that the system never revealed to you.

Dr. Richard Nongard

I started my first private practice on Research Boulevard in Autin Texas in 1991. In 30 + years I have built thriving practices seeing clients online and offline. I am an expert clinician who has written over 28 books, including some bestsellers in both counseling and clinical hypnotherapy.

Master of Arts in Counseling
Doctorate in Transformational Leadership (Cross-Cultural Engagement)
Master of Business Administration in Business Marketing (Graduate in July 2022)
Expert in Passive Income for Therapists
Digital and Social Media Expert with Literally Tens of Millions of Page Views, YouTube views, and Thousands of Social Media Community Participants.
When You Learn With Me, You Are Learning From an Expert Who Has  Proven Track Record of Success.

Reserve Your Space on this Exclusive Challenge Class

In three days I can show you exactly what you can do to up your income in private practice or even in agency work. I can show you the shortcut to marketing your practice, ways to structure your business differently, and ways to see a new type of client (one who is self-paying and self-motivated).

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