Get Dr. Nongard's Proven Plan for  Seeing Clients Online & Making Money by Starting Your Online Practice.

 Join me for an eight-week group coaching program that gives you the step-by-step process for creating your service offerings, turning your website into a traffic generator, building your communities, and attracting new clients so that you can help more people and make more money as a therapist seeing clients online.

Step-by-step plans for moving your services online.

Begins Monday, August 1, 2022 and continues though September 26, 2022. Classes are at 8pm Eastern time but are recorded and available 24/7 on your own schedule if you miss any of the classes. Registration is limited so reserve your spot now to make sure you get your business started and ready for the fall!

What You Need to Know to Succeed Online in Coaching, Counseling, or Hypnotherapy

If you follow my instructions, in less than 60 days you will be living the dream of creating freedom as a therapist in private practice and you will have a rock solid actionable plan so that you will not have to wonder how others are creating success while you still hope for success. These ideas work for part-time or full-time practice, and a from any geographic location. They are the same ideas I have developed over years of experience that I have put into practice. Shortcut your success so you don't have to do it the hard way.

I am going to share actionable strategies you can use in the format of:

Detailed "How-To" video tutorials each week.
Printable step-by-step plans.
Real-world examples.
Weekly small group coaching focusing on your needs.

 The result will be a strategic plan for launching, building, and starting your online practice the way other successful therapists are doing it!

This course will change your business and your life! Nongard lays it all out, with a strategy that is easy to implement and tailor to your practice. In no time at all, with Richard's guidance in this course, you will have a customized action plan that generates all the business you can handle.

Bob Martel

Learn with a clinical & business expert

I am Dr. Richard Nongard and I have been in private practice since 1991. Not only am I laser focused on clinical results, I also recognize that financial success must be a part of our private practices. We learned a lot in therapy school, but they never taught us business. I went back to get an M.B.A. in Business Marketing so you wouldn't have to.

I will share with you what I know and help you get it all going without wasting time applying unnecessary steps. 
 I know what works, and I know what doesn’t.

I want to help you cut through all the clutter of what people are telling you should do and what actions you should actually take to start, build, and run your online private practice.

So... how will this coaching course impact you?

Before you complete this course:

You saw other therapists creating online practices and attracting clients and you wondered how to do it too.
You saw other therapists earning far more than you, even though they aren't as skilled as you!
You made attempts to do social media posting, ads, or marketing but never got any results.
You laid awake at night wondering how you were going to pay student loans, build a retirement nest-egg, or simply see clients without the hassle of being in traffic, at an office, or working for others.

After you've completed this course:

You will have a clear blueprint for your business success in online private practice, and you will know exactly how you can maximize practice revenue.
You will understand exactly how your products and services can attract new clients.
You will have a plan for developing your website, and even tools for actually doing it yourself.
You can sleep well, knowing you are on track to finally accomplish what you wished you had done a long time ago.


Everything you need to instantly boost sales & increase your income

  The course format is eight weekly tutorials delivered the week before our well-structured and always on-point Zoom sessions. These tutorials will give you the foundations for success, and will help you get your website up and running, or help you turn a boring electronic brochure site into a traffic generating tool for business success. You will have printable resources, and tons of actionable strategies designed to build your practice and help you earn the living you deserve.

This is the "how-to" you have looked for! More Importantly, these are ideas that translate into making money from home.

Imagine going to the office being as simple as petting your dog on the way to the spare room where you do your work worldwide and online. I am going to show you how you can do this. 


Products and Services

Almost every therapist is trading dollars for hours and that is a horrible business model. It limits your income and it stops you from maximizing your earnings potential.

In week one you will define a client avatar so you know not only who you want to work with, but exactly where to find them to promote your services.
In week two, you will define your services in new ways, offering solutions rather than time. The result is more income in less time.
You will discover what your website needs in order to succeed and stand out from all the rest, and you will get the tools to do it yourself or to hire someone to do it the right way.


Attracting Your First New Clients

You will learn the sales funnel model which converts people who are interested into people who book sessions. You will master the art of "creating a pond" so that your pool of potential clients gets bigger.

In week three we will focus on funnels, and I will help you create meaningful lead magnets to attract clients and build your email list.
In week four you will learn how to engage with your audience and become a content creator who is elevated to the expert level. Experts get paid far more than generalists.
You will learn how to create video (like the video on this page) because if your website and social media does not have video you are NOT going to succeed no matter what else you do.


The Psychology of Successful Therapists

We know what makes a business successful, and what attitides and worldviews successful entrepreneurs do. You might be in the business of helping people, but it is a business. You never learned this stuff in therapy school, and it is essential.

How to develop new vantage points on money so that you can develop confidence and comfort charging professional fees.
How to use onboarding to decrease drop-out, save your time (time is money), and massively empower your clients even before the first session.
Learn velvet rope strategies and ways to attract clients who pay out of pocket and do so with a smile.


Passive Income

Almost every therapist dreams of making passive income. I am going to teach you how to monetize your website with course creation, products, and onboarding services.

Week Seven: Profit from courses for the public and other professionals. I have literally sold MILLIONS of dollars worth of online courses. I will teach you exactly what I have done to create this success.
Week Eight: Multiple streams of income strategies for coaching, mental health professionals, and hypnotists.
You finish this class with a completed workbook you can refer to that will serve as your business plan and blueprint for the next year as you move from beginner to pro in online services. 

Answers You Can Implement

This class will get you up and running so that you can move your practice online. It will show you how to market your services, structure your offerings, and get clients willing to pay for your services.

Pay as you Grow

Take the class on its own, or combine it with individualized one-on-one coaching
with Dr. Richard Nongard which will fast-track your success.



Paid In Full Today

Complete access to all eight weeks on training  

Access all the Zooms
Access all the printable plans.
Start creating your success with the preliminary resources.

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Package your course with three one-on-one coaching calls on Zoom with Richard.

Three 45 minute 1:1 sessions with Richard
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Mindset goal development or tech and planning help.
Access to bonus course material.

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